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AOTS Members & Resource Section


Meeting Information:

Next National Executive Meeting: April 2013
Meeting Munites


Financials Information:

In lieu of dues, we request donations to the Camp Improvement Project. All income from this will be granted to Camps in 2014. We hope for your enthusiastic support for the new project in the form of a donation in excess of normal dues. Choose one or more National Initiatives to Sponsor (if required to clarify monetary portions, please put more details in Comments / Questions section below)
Membership Application
Camp Improvement Project Application
Financial Statement


Other AOTS Resources:

2013 Action Plan
AOTS Constitution & BYLAWS
AOTS Social Media Policy
Elected Positions on National AOTS
AOTS - 75 Years of Service
Men of Integrity - Daily Devotionals
Online Bible -


AOTS Brocures:

You Were Asking About The AOTS Brochure


Website Resources:

AOTS Blogspot
AOTS Facebook Page
AOTS Twitter Page
AOTS Flickr Photo Site
United Church of Canada
  The United Church Observer
  United Church Resource Distribution - UCRD
  United Church Men - Maritime Conference




Link to AOTS Order Form


AOTS Constitution & BYLAWS

AOTS History "First 50 years" 1923-1973 $1.00

AOTS 75 Anniversary 1923-1998 History or hardcopy for $2.00

AOTS Color Lapel Pin page and History page $2.00

Leadership in Group Discussion (booklet) Free


Club Membership cards $0.10

LAPEL PINS CLUB Member $5.50

INDIVIDUAL Member $5.50


Name Badges- 2 1/2" metal $0.35

Local Club Life Membership Certificates $0.25

AOTS Tie $25.00

AOTS BBQ $15.00

AOTS Glee Club CD $10.00

Application for New Club Enrolment Free

Nomination Form National Life Membership Free

Individual Member Brochure & Application Free


Letter Head- with AOTS Logo- 8 1/2 x $0.05

AOTS Logo Cards with Luke 22 verse 27 ( 4"x5" including envelopes)
12 for 10.00
(These are probably most useful as Thank you notes)


"You were asking about AOTS" free

Observer on Tape -sight impaired - free

VIDEO - 3 on one tape $15.00
1."A Choice to Serve" AOTS Club promo)
2."A Century of Service" (Hospital Proj.)
3."Men In The Church"



AOTS Crests on Vinyl Sheet

6"x 9" $20.00

12"x 16" $27.00

14"x 21" $30.00


l"x 1/2" (10 on Sheet) $ 1.50

1 1/2"x 1" (8 on Strip) $ 0.25

3"x 1 3/4" Sticky Back $ 1.00

3"x 1 3/4" Sticky Front $ 1.00
( for car Windows)

4"x 2 5/8" Sticky Back $ 1.00

9 1/2"x 5 1/2" Sticky Back $ 1.00

(Blazer pockets etc)

GST & PROV. Tax included in price

SHIPPING and Handling $1.50 minimum

Make Cheques payable to National AOTS, & mail to:

Garnet Thompson
12 Karl St.
Belleville, ON K8N 1J9





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