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AOTS Projects / Awards / Bursaries

The AOTS has a number of National Projects that it supports as well as helping to set up new ones that relate to organizations goals and objectives.

Camp Improvement Project

The National AOTS initiated the Camp Improvement Project in 2012 to support Canadian not-for-profit camps that offer youth camping programs as part of their mission. The project goal is to provide financial grants targeted to improving camp facilities and/or equipment. Support from The National AOTS, we hope, will assist camps in achieving their mission as it relates to youth camping.

Wellman Lake snowblower

Five Oaks mower purchase

A second part of this is a proposal to temporarily suspend dues in favour of a voluntary donation to this new fund. All income in 2013 and 2014 will go to this project in each of the following years. Thus, a donation to the fund becomes the criteria for maintaining association with AOTS National. We hope clubs will embrace this idea and that their contribution would equal or exceed their current dues payment, knowing that all the money will go to a project. There will be a requirement that camps work with an active member of AOTS in requesting and implementing the grant.



Observer On Tape

This involves putting the United Church Observer on tapes and circulating them to sight impaired persons who wish to receive them. These tapes are circulated at the same time as the Observer is mailed out and are available to anyone who requests them. This service has in the past performed through National AOTS by the Queen Street AOTS Club, Kingston. Due to the amount of work and only three AOTS members the Kingston group had to pass this project over to EASTMINSTER of Belleville.

The Talking Magazine

For More information check out the Observer on Tape web Page.



The need was recognized in order to help men and the groups they are in to connect with each other and celebrate, support, and strengthen the many forms of ministry in which they are involved.

The Dondi Project

The Dondi Project is an initiative of the Men’s Ministries Network of The United Church of Canada and the AOTS. The goal of the project is to raise money and awareness to help rebuild the Lutamo School at Dondi, in Angola.

AOTS National Awards
& Bursaries

There are a number of National Awards given out annually to people or clubs that have shone enthusiasm and exceed the goals and objectives of the AOTS.


Is presented bi-annually to the AOTS Club most active in the support of youth work in the community, and in the local church. Any club may compete for this award by filling in the competition form mailed to the clubs or by requesting same from the National Secretary.


This trophy is presented at the bi-annual convention to the club with the largest percentage membership increase over a one year term between bi-annual conventions.




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