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What is AOTS?
The National Association of United Church AOTS Men’s Clubs is a Men’s Ministry outreach of the United Church of Canada.  Typically, a group of men form an AOTS club and they are affiliated through the National Association.  The name AOTS (As One That Serves) is derived from the words of Jesus, “I am among you as one that serves” (Luke 22:27, K.J.V.).  The foundation for AOTS is the local club in a United Church Congregation or Pastoral Charge.  Clubs and their members unanimously speak positively about their wonderful experiences in fellowship and service together.

What are the Aims of AOTS

  • To be an arm of the Church reaching out in Christian Fellowship to all men.
  • To deepen the spiritual life of men.
  • To encourage and promote effective Christian Service.
  • To give encouragement and practical assistance to work among the youth of the church and community.

Brief History of AOTS
AOTS was born in Vancouver in 1923. The first club was formed by Dr Herbert Riggs at Kerrisdale Methodist Church.  The concept spread to other churches and communities on the West Coast, then steadily across the country.  In 1960 there were close to 600 clubs and 10,000 members in Canada and Bermuda.  The founders recognized AOTS needed an organization to manage the administrative elements of a national service club.  The National Council, along with a paid staff person, was designed to achieve that need through national projects, recognition protocols, regional events and biennial conventions.  AOTS membership declined dramatically in the period from 1970 to 2005.  The staff person was phased out and the National Council was replaced by a smaller National Executive. 

In 2017 the National Executive acknowledged that the priority for the remaining clubs was to carry on with their local good work while their “national affiliation” was less important.  The activity of the AOTS National Executive was suspended in 2019.

What is the future for AOTS Clubs?

  • Current and future Clubs are encouraged to continue operating.
  • Current and future Clubs are welcome to use the AOTS name, logo and other materials.

What does this mean for the Executive?

  • All functions of the National Executive were suspended indefinitely.
  • Financial assets of the National Executive were distributed to worthy projects.
  • The AOTS Charitable Registration Number is on file at revenue Canada.
  • The National Executive can be re-activated in the same or modified form if there is significant interest in the future  

What about the website? 

  • This website was designed to provide enduring information and reference materials for Clubs and other interested parties.
  • There is no intention to use the website for current announcements or to update the information.
  • Please contact the webmaster if you have any AOTS materials that are not in this resource,

The National Association of United Church AOTS Men’s Clubs